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Project Deliverables

The ENEU project has several valuable outcomes (Product Result 1 and Product Result 2) that are produced by the completion of the project. These include a product result 1: Trainer's Guide, a product result 2: a Welcome Package and Train-The-Trainers Manuals 1 & 2.  The partners have added engaging videos of immigrant entrepreneur success stories to inspire the learners in our target group. All the materials will be published here for use of a wider audience once completed. Additionally, we offer here the descriptions of the TREND modules.

The Trainer’s Guide: Fostering Entrepreneurial Skills Development (PR1) aims to update the curricula for adult educators and support the customisation of the learning contents of the TREND modules. The Guide is intended for educators and other personnel who support adult migrant learners and wish to specialise in this specific context and develop capacities as highly competent trainers. The Guide includes an introduction to each module, which includes the topic, learning objectives, keywords, competencies learned, and tools that are used. It also covers the role of the trainer, methods, and best practices for trainers, and provides best practice examples. 

The welcome package (PR 2) is designed for immigrants and is intended to be distributed by trainers or managers at arrival or distribution points such as reception centres and community homes. The welcome package aims to provide essential information and resources to immigrants to support their transition and integration process.

The first Train-The-Trainer Manual (PR2) is for a 1-2 days entrepreneurship kick-off training aimed at immigrants. It covers the face-to-face training needed for modules 1-3 of the TREND platform. The manual aims to equip trainers with the necessary tools and guidance to conduct effective entrepreneurship training sessions for immigrants.

The second Train-The-Trainer Manual (PR2) includes a 2-hour workshop program with tailored instructions. It is meant for the face-to-face training needed for TREND modules from number 3 onwards.

The TREND modules: Training Refugees in Entrepreneurial Skills using Digital Devices aims to assist in entrepreneurship training and education.


Success Stories of Immigrant Entrepreneurs presents a collection of video interviews with immigrant entrepreneurs residing in Norway, Austria, Italy, and Greece.

📄 Welcome Package (PR2)
📄 Train-The Trainer Manual 1 (PR2)
📄 Train-The Trainer Manual 2 (PR2)
📄 TREND Modules
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