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Project Information

1. Objectives: What do we want to achieve?

To make Self-employment a viable option for migrants and displaced people in transition in Europe and also for those who wish to return to their country of origin.

  1. General effect: Increasing learning demand among both educators and migrants through effective outreach, guidance, and motivation strategies.

  2. Direct effect: Extending and developing the competencies of educators and other personnel who support adult learners. They will learn the required skills to support the migrants and displaced people through their journey of becoming entrepreneurs and self-sustained.

  3. Ripple effect: Empowering and skilling up the migrants and the displaced people themselves towards becoming the sources of entrepreneurship training for others in their communities.

This will be achieved by training the trainers in order to use the entrepreneurial tools and modules developed by the partners. The learning process will be developed by introducing and implementing a new methodology: @Home in Transition. The use of digital devices and also face-to-face training/interaction with a trainer/mentor (in person or digital) will complete the objectives to be achieved.


2. Audience: Who do we want to reach?

The target group:

  • The educators and other personnel who support adult learners with migration background accessed through the institutions they work for or collaborate with as freelancers.

  • Migrants and adult displaced populations coming to European countries as well as the ones returning to their country of origin.

  • Poverty and conflict-affected citizens. 


​3. Situation: What is the broader context for our research?

The broader target audience(s) are:

  • local level: Municipalities from each partner, city organisations focusing on migrants and refugees

  • regional level: Centers for Social Cohesion, Development and Care

  • national level: Migrant Information Centers, Adult Educators training centers, foundations working with business activities and -emigration, integration of migrants

  • European level : IOM, European Migrant Entrepreneurship Network,

  • international level: UN-HABITAT

The motivation is that some of them will adopt the program in business incubation processes, with a focus on increasing learning demand, effective outreach, guidance, and motivation strategies for migrants.

4. Results: What we will develop?

A. Manual for entrepreneurial teaching skills - Trainer's Guide (PR1)

Our focus is to develop training materials by conducting Training of Trainers on entrepreneurship tools. We will take into account the unique situation of migrants that may be characterised by trauma, poverty, self-loss, psychosocial health issues, tensions, and other factors that are specific to their context. We will also consider the potential benefits of multiculturalism, diversity, value exchange, multilingualism, empathic inner community support, complex social layers, and deep human stories.

PR1 Result Type: 

Learning / teaching / training material – Manual / handbook / guidance material

B. Manual for Adaptation of the entrepreneurship training modules to "@ home in transition" methodology (PR2)

The Manual for Adaptation of the entrepreneurship training modules to "@ home in transition" methodology, tends to mitigate pressure by encouraging self-driven growth with entrepreneurship training, and releasing the tension among these vulnerable communities by meaningful and economically profitable activities. 

“@Home In Transition”, (@HIT), as an innovative global initiative/methodology that follows the concept of co-designing (with the target population) an “Adaptable Development/Enrichment System In Transition”, targets different contexts of Transition, and specially areas with displaced and vulnerable populations who are either hosted in reception centres or spread across the urban fabric of the cities. 

We will use this outcome to further enhance our entrepreneurship training modules and provide stronger support to groups that face disadvantages in the labor market, including internationals and migrants. We will test @HomeInTransition and @HIT's methodology and implement it in various contexts with our target groups.

PR2 Result Type:

Educational materials/workshops for partners and their associate partners plus other involved stakeholders on how to use @HIT in those specific countries targeting their specific target groups.


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