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🔍 Summary of Pilot Test Results

The evaluation of the Welcome Package conducted by Synthesis Center for Research and Education, PRISM Impresa Sociale, Academy of Entrepreneurship, @BEST, Oslo International Hub, Glocal Factory and Desinova Studios highlights its pivotal role in supporting immigrants during their crucial transition period. The feedback emphasises the necessity of tailoring the package to specific contexts and target groups, incorporating linguistic considerations, cultural nuances, and local support services. Comprehensive information on essential services, healthcare, legal assistance, housing, employment opportunities, and educational resources is crucial. Suggestions were made to include guidance on managing trauma and accessing mental health support.

🔹 Welcome Package

The tailored Welcome Package is anticipated to have a significant impact on immigrants and trainers involved in the integration process. It empowers immigrants with essential information and resources, fostering confidence and a sense of belonging. For trainers, the package serves as a valuable tool for effective communication and personalised guidance, creating a supportive and inclusive training environment. The Welcome Package facilitates smoother integration and enhances training program effectiveness.

🔹 Train-the-Trainer Manual 1

Feedback on clarity and self-explanatory nature was positive, with suggestions for minor enhancements. These include adapting content to specific contexts, providing audio guides for trauma-informed training, and simplifying language and instructions. Incorporating solution-focused questions and trauma recovery techniques can enhance exercises like the "YOU" exercise, providing a supportive and empowering experience.

🔹 Train-the-Trainer Manual 2

While the program and instructions were acknowledged as effective, suggestions were made to consolidate separate trainer manuals into one comprehensive guide for a cohesive and user-friendly experience. Emphasising a step-by-step approach and allowing reflection could enhance the program's effectiveness, particularly for immigrants considering entrepreneurship as a pathway to integration.

🔑 Conclusion

The unified feedback offers valuable insights into the development and implementation of the Welcome Package and Train-the-Trainer Manuals. By aligning with the specific needs of immigrants and trainers, these resources have the potential to enhance the integration process and promote empowerment.

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