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📣 Pilot Testing: Desinova Studios and Oslo International Hub, Norway 📣

We are thrilled to share the latest progress on our pilot testing with local trainers of immigrants and newcomers in EU. The materials for the pilot included a Welcome Package, a Train-The-Trainer Manual 1 and 2, prepared by Desinova Studios.

Desinova Studios  and Oslo International Hub  received valuable feedback from trainers and participants, and here are some insights from the event:

🔹 Welcome Package

The pilot participants highlighted some concerns regarding the timing and accessibility of the Welcome Package. Limited online access and the overwhelming transition stage for recipients at reception centres may not optimally suit receiving as much additional information. Suggestions for improvement included providing expected scenarios at reception centres, information on trauma management, and access to mental and physical support.

Participants' feedback indicated that the Welcome Package for refugees in reception centres could also include information on trauma-informed work and power dynamics, which can assist both refugees and their trainers. Trauma-informed work recognises the impact of trauma on individuals and addresses power dynamics within systems and relationships. By incorporating trauma-informed approaches, practitioners can create safe and empowering environments that promote healing, recovery, and resilience:

🔸 Safety: Explain how the reception centre ensures physical and emotional safety for individuals.

🔸 Agency: Empower individuals by involving them in decision-making processes and developing their own care plans.

🔸 Clear Communication: Provide clear explanations of roles, responsibilities, and services, as well as risks, benefits, and alternatives to interventions.

🔸 Cultural Sensitivity: Recognise and address power differentials based on cultural differences, social norms, and language barriers.

🔹 Train-the-Trainer Manual 1

Pilot feedback suggested that audio guides may be more effective than reading materials for trauma-affected individuals. The "YOU" exercise in the manual may be challenging for individuals, especially after experiencing trauma. Participants suggested incorporating solution-focused questions and presenting the exercise in a way that highlights existing skills and resources rather than focusing on what is lacking.

🔹Train-the-Trainer Manual 2

The feedback received suggests that the instructions were effective in supporting immigrants and refugees in starting their own businesses. The feedback also highlighted the importance of emphasizing that individuals can proceed at their own pace and celebrate progress at each step. Encouraging a step-by-step approach and providing ample space for reflection on thoughts and ideas was seen as beneficial.

Stay tuned for more information about our pilot tests at 👉!


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