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Inspiring Interview with Ariadni Matraka, Immigrant and Refugee Trainer!

The ENEU partners conducted interviews with immigrant trainers in March 2024. Let's hear from Ariadni Matraka, an Immigrant and Refugee Trainer in Athens, Greece.

Academy of Entrepreneurship had a chance to interview Ariadni Matraka and hear her invaluable insights and experiences in educating and training new arrivals. Let's explore her remarkable work! 🤝 

Managing Trauma: Ariadni ensures that individuals in need are referred to qualified psychologists who specialise in trauma. In her training sessions, she empowers individuals, highlighting their strength and resilience in reaching a safer, more secure environment.

Psychological Safety: Ariadni creates a safe and inclusive learning environment by setting ground rules collaboratively with participants. She intervenes promptly to maintain respect and understanding. By organising participants into smaller groups, she fosters security, comfort, and supportive interactions.🌍 

Principles and Values: Ariadni's approach is guided by respect, empowerment, inclusivity, and care. These principles shape her work and ensure that migrants and refugees receive training that values their unique experiences and perspectives.💪 

Empowerment: Ariadni helps migrants and refugees discover their strengths and resources during challenging times through reflective practices. She encourages individuals to recognise their resilience, courage, and determination in overcoming hardships.🙌 

Agency: Ariadni ensures the empowerment and active participation of migrants and refugees by creating an open floor for discussions and valuing diverse voices. She poses open-ended questions, encourages group activities based on opinions, and involves participants in decision-making.🌍 

Cultural Competence: Ariadni customises her training approach to suit the specific needs and cultural backgrounds of the migrants and refugees she works with. She designs inclusive activities and actively seeks feedback from participants to make real-time modifications.🚀 

Entrepreneurship Training: While Ariadni doesn't have specific experience in providing entrepreneurship education, she is dedicated to helping migrants and refugees develop their entrepreneurial skills and mindset. She believes in their potential and is excited to support their journey towards success.

Let's applaud Ariadni Matraka for her incredible work in empowering and training migrants and refugees in Athens, Greece! 🌟🙌 


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