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Inspiring Interview with Aftan: Dedicated Cultural Mediator

The ENEU partners conducted interviews with immigrant trainers in March 2024. Let's hear from Aftan Azeem Rajput, a Cultural Mediator in Italy.

PRISM Impresa Sociale had an opportunity to sit down with Aftan, a cultural mediator who has been making a positive impact on the lives of migrants and refugees. Let's dive into an insightful interview that highlights Aftan's approach and dedication in managing trauma, creating a safe learning environment, and empowering individuals during challenging times.

🌱 Managing Trauma:

Aftan shares that his experience in working with migrants and refugees who have experienced trauma has been incredibly rewarding. By being patient and actively listening to immigrants, Aftan ensures that he understands their unique challenges. He utilises all available resources to help solve their problems, providing a supportive and compassionate space for healing and growth.

🌟 Psychological Safety:

Creating a safe and inclusive learning environment is paramount for Aftan. Drawing from his experience in Pakistan, he uses effective strategies to ensure that the message reaches a diverse audience. By simplifying complex concepts through images and simple language, Aftan ensures that everyone can understand and engage with the content. Additionally, he encourages daily language learning by sharing three Italian words with visuals, empowering immigrants to enhance their language skills.

💡 Principles and Values:

Aftan's philosophy centres around treating immigrants with respect, humility, and empathy. Recognising the challenges they face, he makes himself available to listen and support them. Aftan believes in the importance of education and guides immigrants on how to adapt to Italian culture, empowering them to overcome obstacles and achieve success.

💪 Empowerment:

Aftan understands the importance of helping migrants discover their strengths and resources during challenging times. By teaching them how to transform difficulties into opportunities, he instills confidence and resilience. Aftan's goal is to empower migrants to believe in themselves, their skills, and their ability to create a positive future.

🗺️ Cultural Competences:

Recognising the diverse backgrounds and cultural needs of migrants and refugees, Aftan ensures that his training approach is customised to suit each group. By fostering an open-minded and collaborative environment, he creates a space where everyone feels valued and understood. Aftan's commitment to inclusivity goes beyond cultural differences, embracing unity and compassion.

Let's celebrate Aftan's incredible work and continue supporting migrants and refugees on their journey to success! 🌟

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