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- Solution-focused questions -

While improving the manual for the trainers, OIH and AKEP has decided to add more information about the Solution-Focused approach to the manual.

Solution-focused approach focuses on finding solutions rather than dwelling on problems. It aims to identify and utilise learners' strengths and resources to create positive change.

Here are some solution-focused questions the trainers can ask to explore learners’ resources and strengths:

1. Exception Questions: - Can you think of a time when the problem was not present or was less severe? What was different during that time? - What did you do differently that helped you cope or manage the situation effectively? - How did you use your strengths or resources to handle a similar challenge in the past?

2. Scaling Questions: - On a scale of 0 to 10, with 10 being the best possible outcome, where would you rate yourself currently? What would it take to move one step higher on the scale? - Can you think of a time when you were at a higher point on the scale? What strengths or resources did you rely on to reach that point?

3. Coping Questions: - What strategies or coping mechanisms have you used in the past that have proven effective? - How have you managed similar situations successfully in the past? What strengths or resources did you tap into?

4. Miracle Question: - If a miracle happened overnight and your problem was completely resolved, what would be different in your life? What strengths or resources would you have utilized to bring about that change? - Can you imagine a small step or action that you could take today that would bring you closer to that desired outcome?

These questions help learners to shift their focus towards their strengths, resources, and past successes, allowing them to envision and work towards their desired solutions. By emphasising what is already working and building on existing strengths, solution-focused approach encourages them to take an active role in creating positive change in their lives.

Stay tuned for more updates!


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