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📣  Pilot Testing: Synthesis, Cyprus 📣

We are thrilled to share the latest progress on our pilot testing with local trainers of immigrants and newcomers in EU. The materials for the pilot included a Welcome Package, a Train-The-Trainer Manual 1 and 2, prepared by Desinova Studios.

Synthesis Center for Research and Education received valuable feedback from trainers and participants, and here are some insights from the event:

🔹 Welcome Package:

Participants agreed that the Welcome Package is a well-developed document/toolkit. It has nice graphics, is easy to follow, and has understandable content and language.

In tailoring the package to the Cypriot context, Synthesis will focus on incorporating cultural nuances and specific information relevant to the needs of migrants/refugees/asylum seekers in all regions. We will include information about local support services, language resources, and key contacts within the community.

By addressing the unique needs and challenges faced by immigrants, the tailored Welcome Package was perceived as a valuable resource. It will provide crucial information, foster empowerment, and promote a sense of belonging.

The tailored package will enhance trainers' roles by providing information directly relevant to the local context. This will enable trainers to provide personalised guidance and support, creating a more effective and empathetic training environment.

🔹 Train-the-Trainer Manual 1:

The Train-the-Trainer Manual was experienced as self-explanatory and easy to read. Participants appreciated the methodology and approach, particularly the persona construction to better understand the target group's needs and aspirations.

No specific comments were made regarding missing or elaboration needed in the manual. However, adapting it to the specific needs of the target group in Cyprus may require further consideration in terms of time allocation, implementation, and reflection of exercises and activities.

🔹 Train-the-Trainer Manual 2:

Similarly, the 2-hour workshop program and immigrant-tailored instructions in the Train-the-Trainer Manual 2 were seen to be self-explanatory and easy to follow. They provide a useful tool to structure and facilitate training, especially for less experienced trainers.


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