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📣 Pilot Testing: Prism, Italy 📣

We are thrilled to share the latest progress on our pilot testing with local trainers of immigrants and newcomers in EU. The materials for the pilot included a Welcome Package, a Train-The-Trainer Manual 1 and 2, prepared by Desinova Studios.

PRISM Impresa Sociale received valuable feedback from trainers and participants, and here are some insights from the event:

🔹 Contextual Tailoring: Trainers highlighted the importance of including local institutions and services, such as clinics, legal assistance centres, and more, in the Welcome Package. A detailed calendar of centre services was also suggested to enhance daily planning and accessibility.

🔹 Impact on Immigrants: The @Home in transition methodology was praised for its clarity and ease of understanding. Distributing the Welcome Package to migrants upon arrival was seen as a valuable resource for their integration journey.

🔹 Train-the-Trainer Manual 1: A trauma-informed approach and the development of a personal identity can assist migrants in comprehending their individual and professional requirements, aspirations, and expectations while taking into account their past experiences. However, trainers have pointed out that additional instructions or guidance from mental health professionals could be helpful in ensuring better implementation.

🔹 Train-the-Trainer Manual 2: The general instructions and guidelines for creating a collaborative and inclusive atmosphere were well-received. Trainers expressed their desire for assistance from linguistic/intercultural mediators present during the activities.

🔹 Logistical Feedback: While the materials were clear, trainers expressed the need for more time to familiarise themselves with the methodology and its implementation.


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