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📣 Pilot Testing: BEST, Austria 📣

We are thrilled to share the latest progress on our pilot testing with local trainers of immigrants and newcomers in EU. The materials for the pilot included a Welcome Package, a Train-The-Trainer Manual 1 and 2, prepared by Desinova Studios.

@BEST received valuable feedback from trainers and participants, and here are some insights from the event:

🔹 Welcome Package

The participants in Austria also evaluated the importance of tailoring the welcome package to the specific context, which is crucial for its effectiveness. Different migrant groups may have different rights depending on their legal status and country of origin.

For immigrants, the tailored package offers an alternative pathway to prepare for accessing services in the new host country. Trainers will find the elaborated toolkit and ready-made handouts helpful in providing templates and addressing individual questions effortlessly.

🔹 Train-the-Trainer Manual 1

The program was perceived as generally self-explanatory. The participants suggested adding checklists for a quick overview. It would also be beneficial to adapt the manual and include any new developments. To fully assess the program's effectiveness, it was agreed that more time is needed to observe the results of its implementation.

🔹 Train-the-Trainer Manual 2

The details provided in the manual are very helpful. However, the effectiveness of the program can only be confirmed after the workshop, as it requires more time to see the results. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) could be valuable in measuring its impact.

Stay tuned for more information about our pilots at 👉!


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