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- Partners’ meeting in Florence -

On the 28th and 29th of September 2023, the partners of the ENEU project met in Florence to brainstorm together and plan the next steps. Special attention was paid to the manual for the trainers and what improvements would be needed.

The following list of improvements was developed and discussed:

👉 Informative case studies that are relatable for the target group, including success stories of refugees and migrants who have become entrepreneurs and present their stories in an encouraging way.

👉 Practical examples of a solutions-focused approach in training the target group, by providing real-life scenarios and demonstrate how to apply strengths and resources -based techniques to overcome challenges commonly faced by the target group.

👉 Adjusted self-assessment exercises that are more appropriate for the target group. For instance, by incorporating questions and exercises on personal monthly budgeting, saving strategies, and investment planning to help the participants develop essential financial skills.

👉 Emphasis on the following points for the trainers:

  • The importance of role-play, interviews, and QA rounds as effective learning methods.

  • The significance of trainers getting to know each participant individually, understanding their unique contexts, motivations, and challenges.

  • The importance of encouraging participants to spend more time on developing their business ideas rather than solely focusing on theoretical knowledge.

  • The language used during the training sessions to make the content more relatable and accessible to the target group.

In the upcoming months, the partners will be addressing these improvement needs and incorporating them to the manual. We will also start testing the methodology @Home in Transition, which specifically adopts a human-centered approach, supporting individuals in their personal growth and professional pathways.

Stay tuned for the further updates!


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