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Inspiring Interview with Vincenzo Masi, Psychologist and Trainer!

The ENEU partners conducted interviews with immigrant trainers in March 2024. Let's hear from Vincenzo Masi, a Psychologist in Firenze, Italy.

Glocal Factory had a chance to interview Vincenzo Masi and hear his invaluable insights and experiences in educating and training new arrivals, particularly unaccompanied foreign minors. Vincenzo's approach emphasises empathy, inclusion, and the empowerment of individual resources, creating a nurturing environment for healthy mental development. Let's explore his remarkable work!

🌍 Intercepting Life Plans: Vincenzo highlights the importance of educators and trainers in identifying the professional aptitudes and dreams of young migrants and their families. By utilising inclusive and empathetic educational methods, Vincenzo aims to help individuals shape their life plans, fostering a sense of purpose and belonging.

🎓 Educator's Role: Vincenzo primarily focuses on receiving and supporting unaccompanied foreign minors. Through personalised educational plans, he ensures that each child receives tailored psychosocial and socio-occupational integration and development assistance. Vincenzo's dedication to fostering autonomy and individual growth is truly commendable.

💔 Addressing Trauma: Dealing with trauma requires a delicate and personalised approach. Vincenzo prioritises active listening and validation of participants' experiences, utilising storytelling as a means of reworking trauma in a safe context. By highlighting resilience and sharing stories of overcoming difficulties, Vincenzo instills hope and strengthens the inner strength of the young people he works with.

🌱 Inclusive Environment: Creating a healthy learning environment starts with establishing group norms centred around mutual respect. Vincenzo incorporates circle-time activities, mutual understanding exercises, guided reflection, and meditation to manage stress and promote psychological well-being. By nurturing a supportive space, Vincenzo ensures the mental development and growth of individuals and the group as a whole.

💡Inspiring Principles: Vincenzo's work is guided by empathy, inclusion, and the empowerment of individual resources. He firmly believes in the value of every individual's ability to grow and adapt. Human dignity, equity, and the right to a better future form the foundation of his work, shaping every aspect of his interactions with project beneficiaries.

🚀 Encouraging Empowerment: Through civic education, work orientation workshops, and assertive communication, Vincenzo helps migrants and refugees discover their own strengths and internal resources. By identifying skills, interests, and objectives and setting achievable goals, Vincenzo empowers individuals to create a timeline for their future planning. By raising awareness of the local reality and fostering a sense of community, Vincenzo helps them integrate and thrive.

🌍 Migrant Entrepreneurship: Vincenzo shares a powerful success story of a young refugee from Bengal who established a catering business in Southern Italy. With his culinary skills rooted in his culture and the support of his compatriots, he not only ensured a stable income for himself and his family but also enhanced cultural diversity and integration within the local community. This inspiring example showcases the potential for success when individuals have the necessary support and resources.

Let's celebrate Vincenzo's inspiring work and continue supporting the journey of migrants and refugees towards a brighter future! 🌟🤝🌱


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