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Inspiring Interview with Sanaa Talha: Empowering Immigrant Entrepreneurs

The ENEU partners conducted interviews with immigrant trainers in March 2024. Let's hear from Sanaa Talha, Impact Analyst and Program Facilitator at Charge Incubator, Oslo, Norway.

Oslo International Hub had the privilege of sitting down with Sanaa, a remarkable immigrant entrepreneurship educator who has been part of the entrepreneurship training program at Charge Incubator in Oslo, Norway, for several years. In addition to her active involvement, she is also writing a doctoral thesis on "Immigrant Women Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurial Identity Development." Sanaa shared some valuable insights and experiences that shed light on the journey of immigrant entrepreneurs. Here are the highlights:

📚 Theoretical Knowledge: Sanaa emphasised the significance of acquiring theoretical knowledge in the early stages of starting a business. Validating business ideas, collecting data, and conducting market research are crucial steps that aspiring entrepreneurs often overlook. Through the incubation program, participants have come to value the learning experience and the background knowledge provided.

🤝 Peer-to-Peer Learning: Charge Incubator goes beyond just training individuals; it provides a platform for learners to connect and form peer-to-peer learning groups with like-minded individuals. This has resulted in forming an active alumni group among program participants in Norway, fostering a sense of community and shared belonging. For immigrants facing challenges in integrating into Norwegian culture, the program has played a vital role in helping them find a sense of belonging and community.

💡 Entrepreneurial Mindset: The program emphasises cultivating an entrepreneurial mindset. Participants are encouraged to be agile and adaptive when faced with challenges and to seek advice when needed. Sanaa stressed the importance of effective communication and problem-solving skills for entrepreneurs, acknowledging that changing one's mindset requires ongoing participant feedback and interaction. Trainers help break down ambitious goals into smaller milestones, focusing on what can be achieved now.

🎓 Lessons Learned: Sanaa offered valuable advice to trainers and entrepreneurship educators. It is crucial to check if learners have understood the concepts in the learning material and encourage them to speak up. Recognising that learners are at different stages in their learning process, providing customised support is essential. Sanaa also encouraged trainers to ask participants to explain what they have learned and teach it to others. This approach not only enhances participants' understanding of the materials but also prompts them to rethink the concepts and figure out how to apply them in their own unique situations.

We are inspired by Sanaa's dedication and passion to make a difference in the lives of immigrant entrepreneurs.

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