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- Immigrant Entrepreneur Success Stories -

Our project partners are collecting video interviews of success stories told by immigrant entrepreneurs to encourage the learners in the entrepreneurship training.

Let us bring you Fitim's story! Fitim is a founder in the field of IT services, Kosovar entrepreneur in Austria.

Hello, my name is Fitim and I am a refugee from Kosovo. When I came to Austria, my first goal was to learn the language to be able to communicate well. I attended a few language courses and learned the German language, both written and spoken.

To start my own business in the field of IT services, I attended several events. I started to work out a plan and set my goals, and strategy and build up a financial cushion. Due to the bureaucracy and official regulations in my new home country, the start of my self-employment was somewhat delayed and involved a lot of official channels and applications.

My first clients were of course from my community. In order not to limit myself to a rather small customer base from my community, I was in regular contact with companies and other competitors from the IT sector. In the beginning, it was also a cultural change for me, as my Austrian customers place a lot of value on punctuality and accuracy, and due to the dialect spoken here, I still had hurdles in communication at the beginning.

In the IT industry, it is important to always keep your finger on the pulse of the times, which means that you have to read a lot of relevant technical articles regularly to be able to offer innovative solutions. Through contact and exchange with colleagues and competitors, you also learn a lot from each other.

You can listen the whole interview here 👉


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