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- Immigrant Entrepreneur Success Stories -

Our project partners are collecting video interviews of success stories told by immigrant entrepreneurs to encourage the learners in the entrepreneurship training.

Let us introduce you Dauda Barry, co-founder of GIOCHERENDA, Gambian entrepreneur in Palermo, Italy.

Giocherenda is first and foremost a social project that aims to promote the work and social inclusion of migrants. It is a shop completely created and managed by migrants, who work with materials (mainly African materials) and create unique artworks and products, including bags and clothes but also educational games and other small objects.

Giocherenda also raises awareness among the public, working with schools, youth centres and associations of adults in order to create a citizenship that is sensitive and attentive to the needs of all. Giocherenda is located in Palermo, Sicily.

You can listen the whole interview here 👉

Stay tuned for more entrepreneurial success stories! 🎉


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