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Athens, Greece, in July 19-20, 2022

In the end of July 2022 our partners gathered for LTTA 1 hosted by the Academy of Entrepreneurship in Athens!

All the partners participated in this training activity and contributed to the co-creation of a training program for migrants that would be then implemented by the trainers.

The workshop was a good opportunity for the participants to learn and experience examples of implementation of the @HIT methodology, as well as an opportunity for local organisations and NGOs to get to know each other for potential future collaborations.

The 2-day event focused on conducting discussions and creating an understanding of the target group (migrants) and sharing each participant’s best practices regarding the topic. The activities prepared for these purposes ranged from group and individual activities, reflection and discussion, devising and planning teaching strategies, resulting in new awareness, knowledge and greater openness to different perspectives and opportunities for each workshop participant.

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